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About Integromat Support

Integromat служба поддержки

Updated: 08.04.2023

In this post, I would like to tell you about the support service at Integromat.

The advantages of the Integromat support team

Here you need to understand that many users, like me, do not have any background in programming and simply learn from their mistakes.

The Integromat support team seemed to me to have a 100% understanding of who their customers are and how they should respond to tickets. In general, I have sent more than 40 tickets (not taking into account the further correspondence on the ticket). Never once was such that I did not solve the problem. In addition, often you can not learn all the features of the service at once, and the support team helps you with this.

For example:

  • Question: I cannot implement the desired scenario. I want to get “this” result. (the main thing here is to describe in detail what you will input and what you want to get at the output as a result). As always – the more detailed the question, the easier it is to give the right answer.
  • Answer: use “this” and “this” module, with “this” function. I updated your scenario, so you can check how it works. Let me know if everything is running as needed.

That is, the support team is very friendly, specifically encourages you to develop, continue to learn more about the platform and its features. Always answer (within 24 hours). Even if the agent needs more information from the development team, he will still answer you (tells you to wait, so you do not think that you have been abandoned).

Once I had a bug in the module, the support team acknowledged it and fixed it very quickly.

The disadvantages of Integromat support

For me, I don’t know them. Of course, we can say, that response time is too long (up to 24 hours), but on the other hand, it is impossible to give a quality response and help everyone by answering within an hour. Perhaps I have not had very complicated scenarios, where you need more serious help. By the way, there are companies that provide paid support on Integromat, such as

I will describe my scenarios in future posts.

Support team responses examples

About Integromat Support About Integromat Support About Integromat Support About Integromat Support About Integromat Support

Also, in addition to the classic helpdesk, they have:

  • FAQ with the most common questions –
  • Video with some using lifehacks (by the way, sometimes when you request support, they can send you a video not on YouTube, but on another hosting, where the question will be disclosed).
  • Documentation. As an example, for Trello –
  • Community, where you can communicate and share experience –
  • Requests – Here you can post a request for adding a new module (Service, Application), extending actions of the old module, as well as requests for new features within the service. You can vote so developers will see the real demand for a certain feature. Do these threads useful? Yes, because when you have a problem, you can start by going there and searching for something similar. I had a case where I just found a solution in the comments. Comments, in general, are very useful to read, you often find cool ideas in them. If you voted for a certain feature, when somebody from the support team replies to the thread, a notification will come in the mail. So you’ll always be up-to-date about your request.

To sum it up, I can say that Integromat support team is one of the best I have seen. The guys here understand exactly what you need. The main thing is to describe your task in detail and clearly, with examples.

Therefore, I recommend to not hesitate and contact them. But don’t forget about yourself: they have good documentation, you can find it all here.

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