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About author

Updated: 27.04.2021

Hi, my name is Slavomir. I’m SEO manager.

Славомир, автор блога
Somewhere in green forests.

I am engaged in search engine optimization for over 9 years. I always wanted to start my own blog, but somehow I had no motivation.

In this difficult year of 2020, I have discovered a new tool in my work – Integromat – which impressed me a lot and I have decided to start a blog.

In this blog, I share my experiences and solutions. Tasks that I was able to automate and solve with the help of Integromat no-coding service.

I can say that I discovered the world of automation without programming skills, and it’s very cool!

Sometimes, in my posts, I can mention affiliate links on Integromat (they have an affiliate program). Who is interested, I’m ready to consult on your scenarios for free if I can do it. E-mail me at or just comment on the relevant article.

Hope the blog will have readers and that you will be interested. Enjoy!